Experience The Royal Navy in 360.


The Royal Navy is more than a job. It's a calling with fringe benefits like adventure, team building, and myriad opportunities to see the world. But rather than merely tell you that, The Royal Navy is setting out to give you a visceral experience called Made in the Royal Navy. They are sending branded Google Cardboard headsets to potential recruits, allowing them a first-hand taste what it's like. And for the rest of us who aren't potential recruits or are lacking in Google Cardboard, there's a 360 experience on Facebook and Youtube (seen below.) See for yourself what it's like to live a life where no two days are the same and excitement happens once an hour.

Client: Royal Navy
Agency: WCRS
Executive Creative Director: Billy Faithfull
Creatives: Ben Brazier & Johnny Ruthven
Agency Producer: Eliot Liss
Account Handling: Michael McConville, Ariel Haber, Louis Lunts
Planning: Liz Baines
Director of Technology: Dino Burbidge
Media Agency: MEC (planning), Carat (buying)
Production Company: Lynch Robinson Films / Hammerhead VR
Director: Kit Lynch-Robinson
Producer: Cathy Hood
Post-production: Hammerhead VR
Exposure: Online, Social, CRM, Events

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