Feminist party Sweden jams Swedish flag into meat grinder: "Out with the racists in with the feminists"

It's only a year until the next election in Swede, and the feminist party "Feministiskt Initiativ" a.k.a Fi! are already getting attention for their advertising. Just like last election cycle.

Previously Fi! came out with a commercial called "feminist do it better", containing only Hollywood sex scenes, which was banned from YouTube immediately, and we still don't know if all the films rights were cleared. Then they set fire to 100,000 Kronor in a grill to make a point. When that backfired (heh) The ad agency head responded, pointing out that the 100,000 had bought more media attention than they could afford. After all Studio Total is full of unconventional ideas.

This ad (above) shows the Fi! slogan "Out with the racists, in with the feminists!" The image shows a Swedish flag being pushed into a meat grinder, and out the other end comes rainbow coloured play-doh. If you knew nothing about Swedish politics, you'd be hard pressed to interpret this in any other way that a point blank statement that Swedish people (by the symbolism of the flag) are the racists, and feminists are colourful play-doh.

The Swedish flag, and the racist accusation is a jab at the party called the "Sweden Democrats". They are a central right party always described in the media as "far right" and racist and or as Nazis due to their main questions being about immigration in Sweden. When they take out ad space apologising for beggars in the subway, people actually riot and tear them down. Their commercials don't have nudity, just pensioners and burka clad women racing to grab the budget first. The idea with this poster is to encourage people to vote for the play-doh feminists instead of Sweden Democrats, who are currently the fastest growing party in Sweden. It will most certainly have the opposite effect.