Flickr follows facebook's footsteps, adds Hashtags to their app

REJOICE hashtag addicts, you can now add too many hashtags to your instragram, Twitter, facebook and twitter feeds. Kidsleepy reported on Facebook latest dick move, as facebook are happy to keep walling their garden but if anyone else has a great idea, they'll adopt it. Now Flickr has added hashtags to their app, which you'll notice in the latest update. They also introduced #FlickrFriday which allows you to compete in Flickr's weekly photo challenge - all the with the help of a wee hashtag.

Who will be the first to make an app that searches all the hashtags on all of the Instagrams Twitters, facebooks & Flickrs out there? It won't be iAdam, he remembers how Instagram killed his firegram which was only sorting stuff via their hashtags. He even launched a campaign against Mike Krieger because , he pissed. With all the established apps adding hashtags, will the app-web ever be inter-linked?