Forest Service hopes you can't see the woods for the trees


Forest Service hopes you can't see the woods for the trees

The Forest Service burned to get some good PR and hired a firm to create a misleading brochure for them. In the brochure 6 small B&W photos spanning 80 years are shown;

"The 1909 photo shows an open, parklike forest with large trees spaced widely apart. More trees and underbrush appear in each successive picture -- 1948, 1958, 1968, 1979 -- and finally a photo thick with trees in 1989.
'Today's forests, dense with green, may seem beautiful, but in fact are deadly,' the pamphlet reads. 'Our old-growth forests are choking with brush, tinder-dry debris, and dead trees which make the risk of catastrophic fire high.'

However, the 1909 photo picture does not show a forest natural conditions -- it was taken just after the forest had logged. Also, the forest pictured isn't in Sierra Nevada. It is in Montana.

Read more at Boston.com news. Hat tip to tlevitz.



yep it's propaganda. typical.

as to the photos, they do it all the time. it's called stock photos. you can't always specially find a deforested sierra nevada scene from 1909.

1911, they have plenty. but 1909 is tircky.

Yes because the vital part of the image is obviously the year it was shot, right? Not what is depicted.. You are kidding aren't you?

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