Former Adobe employees create time saving device

Creatives have it really tough. Our deadlines are pretty gnarly and we never have enough time in the day to do anything. Case in point, I started this post three hours ago but got pulled away multiple times because of meetings and debriefs and briefings.

Well, the good folks at CreativeWorx can't help me with that. But they can help with the management of time spent filling out time sheets. Thanks to TimeTracker.

According to the release:

By silently and privately capturing and identifying how professionals spend their time, CreativeWorx TimeTracker solves the traditional problems associated with timesheets: remembering, categorizing and reporting how time was spent. By automating the process, TimeTracker captures more billable hours, reduces the cost of timesheet preparation and improves accuracy regarding how time was spent. This allows advertising
agencies and independent freelancers to increase their profitability…while doing less work!

It's basically a time management program you synch to your Adobe's CS programs.

As much as I 'm all for less time wasting I do see one flaw.. Oh not for me mind you. I'm a writer. I can probably fake my word program writing by typing ten headlines followed by 'all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.' or maybe i can just leave the program open and that's enough. But for Dabitch, this would suck. The digital peeps and art directors would be fuxored for the simple fact they're the ones using the programs way more than I am.

More importantly, TimeTracker can only measure the nuts and bolts part of working. There's clearly no way to measure the times you're brainstorming at the pub. Which is probably a good thing.

I like the idea though. As well as the name. It sounds like an 80's B movie. Oh wait. It was.

Unfortunately too, it's also the name of an eerily similar mobile app that came out a few years ago.

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