Forsman and Bodenfors: Grand Prix in Media and Media agency of the year


Forsman and Bodenfors: Grand Prix in Media and Media agency of the year


Oh yeah, good times - Italy just got a goal against France (sorry France and their fans) and now I hear that indeed Forsman och Bodenfors did take home the grand prix in media with the 70-years older MSS trick and they won media agency of the year in the Cannes Lions 2008. The only competition that came close was the US Leo Burnett campaign for McDonald's that won two gold lions.


Told ya so, seven hours ago.


F&B also won a silver for the Nationalencyklopedin; All you need to know ambient campaign. Let the britart bitching continue.


Dominic Proctor, Cannes Lions Media Jury President, said that there wasn't as many good submissions as they wanted. "Those who got gold deserved it - but there should have been many more golds. There was actually a lot of work that was bad."

"Lenticular" printing made the face change depending on which angle you viewed it from.

This just in Wed, 06/18/2008 - 13:16.: Brazil won the Cyber Lions
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Italy? I thought you were Swedish.

Not whenever Italy plays I'm not. Regole di Buffon. le loro maglie sono ancora meglio. Buffon è il miglior portiere e tutta la nazionale italiana è troppo forte! (I even sent my daughter to school wearing the Italy uniform today)
Tonight I'll be Swedish though. We meet Russia. dum dum DUM!

Guess I'll have to support Sweden then.

aaw, you should come with me - I'll be in the peoples park watching the game on a 35 square meter big screen! (with beer!)

Any hot dogs?

No but there will be plenty of bouncy bangers around , this is Sweden after all. ;P

Mmm. I'll bring the meatballs then.

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