- free tampons in the mail, paid for by ads.

While women in tech are busy outing brogrammers, and adwomen are busy holding conferences about women in advertising, these three guys decided to start, a company that delivers free tampons to women, together with advertising. Yep, there's a regular monthly subscriber base ripe for special offers and targeted ads right there. You'd think a woman might have thought of it first, but I guess they were too busy with other things.

One thing though, isn't advertising on my tampons just a little creepy?

Emil Ahlström, flanked in the photo above by his co-founders Alexander Bendz and Victor Dohlsten says no, it's not creepy at all. Of course, the ads aren't on the tampons, heaven knows there's no eyeballs there, but promotions will arrive in the envelope with the tampons.

"We want to do something good, and we've come up with a solution that is totally free, it is entirely fair and square with advertising. If you're confident with the tampon brand you have today, you can still order them but through us. The more people who order, the more money we can donate too. The plan is for a quarter of the profits we make to be donated to the Pink Ribbon campaign."

Get out you guys. That's actually kind of cute all around. Women spend on average $110 a year on feminine protection, and young women would rather spend their money on fashion and styling, or not at all considering we still make less than men do. The FreePeriod boys only complaint? "We can't allow girls under the age of 16 to register. Many girls need tampons earlier, but it's the advertising law. Sorry about that."

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