#Gamergate OP deleted from Github the official reply to "why?"

Yesterday a repository called "Gamergate OP" was deleted from collaboration-site Github, for the moment you can see see it via Google Cache. I emailed Github to get clarification as to why.

I asked the following questions:

There's a screenshot online that shows you as explaining why it was removed as "the repository was a central point for organising a harassment campaign"

Is this your official statement and can I use that quote in an article?

Do you know what was in the repository? What part of the depository constituted harassment? Was the harassment directed at any specific individuals? I'm assuming you're leaning on your TOS G.7 but please correct me if I'm wrong.

I got this reply to all of my questions from the github press team, a.k.a a GitHub spokesperson.

We've taken the repository in question down for multiple reasons including our determination that the repository was being used as a central point for organizing harassment campaigns.

As additional background, we do not actively moderate the content that people share on GitHub, but when we receive reports of content that may be in violation of our Terms of Service, we investigate it thoroughly and respond as appropriate. In this case, we determined that the repository was being used as a central point for organizing harassment campaigns. We believe strongly in building a safe and inclusive community, and we will not knowingly allow harassment campaigns to be organized on GitHub.

I note that there's no response on if the harassment was directed at any specific individuals.

The difference between Gamergate boycotts and the boycotting of Shell Oil, and the boycotting of Chick-fil-A... is what, exactly? The advertised depictions of Kit Kat consisting of orangutan finger as they use palm oil in their chocolate, is that harassment of Kit Kat? Can a brand or a corporation be harassed? Is it the bleed between celebrity blog/journalists and their output that has confused the line between the person and the brand? When all journalism has become op-ed, where will people turn for simple facts? We all are "brands" now on social media, but if we are brands, can we be harassed?

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