Glossing over evil on Comedy Central


Glossing over evil on Comedy Central


Comedy Central has somehow managed to rope in Ernest Lupinacci in an episode called "glossing over evil". Watch it here if you are equipped with Windows Media Player.
Don't know Ernest Lupinacci work? Have you not seen Shatner in the priceline commercials?

"It's on - 2002", William Shatner "Uncanny", Shatner/Nimoy #1,Shatner/Nimoy #2,Shatner/Nimoy #3.


I know it's just chocolate milk but when he takes that chunk out it just makes me gag. ;)

Never play the stare-game with Ernest Lupinacci. You'll lose.

Good to know, don't try to stare Ernest down if you get an interview with him. He's eerily good at that.

Comedy Central rules. That was just too funny.

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