Go Gay this Spring!

I was reminded of this classic print ad when I saw a piece on Fifties interior paint colours in BoingBoing today.

This is a full page advertisement from A.M. (The Australian Magazine) of October 1954.
The copy reads "You'll really swing into Spring in the gayest possible way when you brighten up the outside of your homo with Bergermaster - the styrenated PLASTIC house paint."

Least I think that's what it says. My two year old threw my reading glasses off six stories this morning. And before you start, yes some of my dearest and closest friends are gay. And they love this ad. I'm thinking of selling prints of it on my site.

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  • Dabitch's picture

    Oh my mee... "and your home will stay G A Y for years to come" is just too much!

    Feb 07, 2007

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