GoldenPalace fakes their way into the news

Deseretnews reports that Golden Palace bought forehead space on a woman for $10,000. We've seen forehead ads before, in commercials, in the Guardian, by the Cunning Stunts agency, on young firefox fans. All done with the same stickers used on boxers in the ring. We concluded the forehead hype had reached fever pitch, and honestly thought we'd be done with this by now.

Bot nooooo.

The super annoying Golden Palace .com are riding their wave of free press by announcing yet another inane Ebay buy. And the Deseretnews are playing right into their hands by reporting about it. Alas, despite - or perhaps thanks to - someone sending photographer Keith Johnson to the scene I can't believe it. Why not? Well look at the shot kids, its a sticker. Why, there are companies that broker in real tattoo ads out there, but this ain't one of them. Look at the image upper right, carefully now. Yes, the paper has been hoaxed folks. (much larger version of the same image) ad 1998

Update 1 juli 15:30 Danish time: (read more)

Update 1 juli 15:30 Danish time: Friends at Metafilter are saying that it's indeed real and link to this video to prove it. (ActiveX and windows media req.)
However, the lack of blood or bloody tissue, redness or swelling and the fact that it's impossible to see anything in crummy wmv makes me still seriously doubt this is real. The last time GoldenPalace and tattoos were mentioned in the same breath it was a "pregvert", a temporarily tattoo that flashed Golden Palace on Elise Harp's pregnant belly. The last time a forehead ad was mentioned it was the SnoreStop sticker on Andrew Fischers forehead in that same USAToday article (which by the way, was also suspected for being a hoax of a sort but that's another story.). So, I'm paging snopes on this one.