Google Maps play Pac Man on your local streets

Ready to play Pac Man wherever you are in the real world right now? Hit up Google Maps, note the pac man button at the bottom left next to satellite view. Click it, get your arrow-fingers ready, and waste your entire day gobbling up little pills on a world wide map while ghosts follow you around. Works really well, is very amusing, and just as addicting as the original Pac Man was, if not more considering you can play the whole world here. Best not to start doing this quite yet or your productivity will be shot to hell this week. If ad agency stocks drop, we can all blame google for it.

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  • Katie Gray's picture
    Katie Gray (not verified)

    Well! I tried it last month, but PacMan seems to struggle with roundabouts, bendy junctions and dual carriageways.

    Katie Gray

    May 19, 2015