Gudmundsgårdens charkuteri gets into Facebook trouble for pinup girl on a Salami

Ralf Tebaay at Gudmundsgårdens charkuteri in Slöinge (I swear I'm not making any of this up) posted this picture to the sausage-makers facebook page and was inundated with negative comments immediately.

What a brainfart! A pinup girl on a salami. REALLY original guys, Why does there have to be a half-naked woman on every sellable product?

Said one commenter on the facebook page.

Yes, people didn't like the fact that there's a pinup-santa-girl on the Salami, which is named Matilda. There were even suggestions where they might stick it.

Ralf Tebaay explains that they've had images on their christmas sausages for years, " we have elves and reindeers too". There's sixteen women who work at the sausage factory, and they handle the buying (of these images). "I'm from the German Rhineland and where it is just as common as carnivals in Brazil and there are much worse pictures." Ah, well , that makes it alright then my good sir. Carry on. I fully understand putting reindeer on a sausage that might even be made from reindeer meat, but I'd rather not buy the elves or woman sausage if you don't mind.

"Next year we might have a picture of a Santa-Clause in a Burqa. That would be the opposite." says Ralf Tebaay, king of the no-clue. Hmm. I wonder what Santa tastes like. Get your mind out of the gutter!

via Göteborgsposten
* Slöinge could be roughly translated as lazyville, it's a very funny name,

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