H. R. Giger does state tourism.


H. R. Giger does state tourism.


Here's the quick backstory - A little while back I received a free subscription to Gourmet - The Magazine of Good Living - after a purchase from Jessica's Biscuit (note: not a pornography site, except in the foodie sense). The mag will cost twelve bucks annually once my free year expires, which is a small price to pay for a guy trying to find new and exciting things to make with Armour potted meat food product and a Ronco Turnip Twaddler (slogan - "Just set it, and to hell with it!").

Anyway, the September issue showed up this weekend, chock-full of typically deliriously decadent dishes and upper crusted advertisements from the likes of Rolex, Mont Blanc, Donna Karan, BMW, Botox Cosmetic, etc.

And then I flipped to this page...

Hmm. I suppose Nevada and New Mexico will now get in a legal fight over who can officially use "The Anal Probe State" on their license plates.


*moahahahaha* That's just frickin' byoteeeful. I especially like the his&hers pepper T-shirts.

I love tourists and more than that i love to learn from them !


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