Have no fear - the condom-mobile is here

condom ambulance

RFSU the Swedish national organization for information about sex wants people to protect themselves when they do the nasty. A campaign to promote protection and their own condom brand Cho-san will begin this Friday - amorous couples who find themselves short of a condom can call the number (0771) 69 69 69 and the prophylactic ambulance will drive to their door with fresh supplies! The condom ambulance!

The prophylactic ambulances will operate in the three largest cities of Sweden, Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö, and a pack of condoms served by the hotline will only cost 50 kronor - slightly less than they cost in most shops. 17 million condoms are sold in Sweden every year but thats not near enough for Carl Osvald, marketing manager at RFSU. "We need to increase the usage of condoms," he says, "we believe that this campaign can reach a younger audience with its humor. We want the condom to be seen as a fun sex-toy rather than a scary disease prevention tool."

TV and Cinema ads will announce the ambulances, they have been directed by Johan Renck - y'all probably know him from Nike ads, Festis "the chase", and you can see some of his work at HSI productions.

RFSU - Condom Ambulance

The commercials play with the old scary movie stereotype that as soon as a couple get a little hot, a crazy chainsaw wielding serial killer will get to them first, except of course in these ads there's a much happier eh.. climax.

Ad agency was KING in Stockholm, Maria Fredriksson was CW while Gustav Egerstedt and Patrik Reuterskiöld were the ADs on the project.