Heineken: Freestyle Open

From March 24 starting at 2, until march 25th at 4 (Finnish time) Basso Open by Heineken will melt your face off with music. And part of that festival will include a "you choose it, we rap it," freestyle with a slew of artists.

It's all going down in Jyväskylä, which is a smallish city north of Helsinki. This event is sponsored by the beer (Heiney) , and the radio station (Basso) and brought to you by my favorite Finnish creative shop 358 Helsinki.

I can't make it but from the looks of it, I can tune in from anywhere, at least. Which is awesome.
Here are the topics I want one of y'all to freestyle about: Turun Sinappi Fazer Salmiakki Moomins, and
North Korea. Two of those words rhyme. I've done half the work for you. Make it happen!

Agency: 358 Helsinki
Creatives: Erkki Izarra, Leo Karhunen, Toni Halonen
Client team director: Kimmo Tupala
Agency producer: Peggy Petrell

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