The Hemingway Hijacker will Highjack your Facebook Status


Ogilvy Chicago want you to know that unlike you and your endless stupid buzzfeed posts on Facebook, Ernest Hemingway was a real man who did real things.. But now, Hemingway can add a little bit of globe-trotting manly awesomeness to your site, thanks to The Hemingway Hijacker.

Just sign up and for one day your Facebook page will be littered with photos, check-ins and, I assume, tersely worded status updates.

While I appreciate alliteration, I'm not sure giving consent is tantamount to "hijacking," but you know. Whatevs.

Nice way to get the word out about Ogilvy's pro bono client, The Hemingway Foundation, as well as the man the myth the legend and all that.

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  • Tim Taaffe's picture
    Tim Taaffe (not verified)

    Yes it works. More interesting then my usual boring updates.

    May 01, 2013
  • Dabitch's picture

    I might set this to update my facebook because god only knows I can't arsed even logging in.

    May 02, 2013

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