"Her morning elegance" stop motion trend continues with Target joining in.


"Her morning elegance" stop motion trend continues with Target joining in.


We posted that Oren Lavie 's "Her Morning Elegance" video kicks off serious stop-motion in bed trend July 18, and that trend ain't over yet. As Agency spy points out: That target ad is "Awfully Derivative"... So here we go, three ads that look a lot like demo love.

The latest one - Target, every color you can dream of.

The inspiration: Oren Lavie - Her morning elegance, released is January.

The other two inspired commercials.
Comcast Dreams

Chateau Bonne Entente - Summer.

Like I said in my previous post, know any more?


PS - see also the JWT Tunisias ad copies Thomas Manosky's "Sorry I'm Late". for another example of stop-motion Demo love, and my twenty minute rant here a few weeks back if you missed it, I talk about these cases specifically at around the 4:40 mark.

Hehe, I forgot that I had made this post regarding both "Sorry I'm late" and "Her morning elegance" as well: When is a copy inspired, when is it illegal, and how to tell your clients to stop having demo-love

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that even Coldplay has got in on the act with their latest promo for Strawberry Swing?

Hahaha, awesome. The stop motion trend NEVER ENDS. ;) I really like the blackboard drawings there - wasn't there another video maybe 4 years back that had really nice whiteboard drawings, and some human hands added in, for four minutes or so? Aaargh can't remember what that was for, but it was great looking, someone please help.

One more. In Spain.
Client: Telefonica (adsl provider)

This is another example. A shortfilm.

All similar cases here:

Those examples look like they're inspired by blink's "Sorry I'm late" -
which has also been Badlanded since JWT Tunisias did something quite similar.

Did "Her Morning elegance" director ever see this video? The sleep animation starts at 3:30

My my! It's the Badlander that will never die! Good find.

Another one from spain, again.

Client: Lotery.

Agency: tactics

Directors: Orien Lavie and the brothers Nathan.

This is made by the original creators:

I put all the videos togheter at:
Sorry, only in spanish

Check out the Her Morning Elegance Gallery Facebook page and find a few more artists inspired by the video.

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