Honey-Boo Boo launched with watch&smell cards


The TLC 'world premiere event' last Wednesday, July 17, " Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" was launched with scratch&sniff cards. Watch and sniff! So when the redneck olympics of sliding around the kitchen linoleum drenched in butter happened, you could scratch your card and smell butter. When mama June sniffed a babies head, you could smell the scent of baby. "Scent of a baby" should be a chick-flick.

Remember when John Waters' Polyester shocked America? When the scratch and sniff card for the film was called 'Smell-O-Vision', and it was the first time a film had scratch&sniff cards. Not saying it's been done and better but, oh yes I am. Waters' send-up of women's pictures and snark at suburbia is still more entertaining than even reality trainwrecks. And having only smelled Waters' sctratch-and-stinks, I think it may actually smell better than Honey Boo Boo's selection of scents. (Pro-top: don't smell the #2 fart. It's awful. Worse than the skunk.)

Mama June kind of looks like Divine too. Is this life imitating art or the other way around? Either way, the scratch&sniff idea has earned an honorable mention in Badland. Congrats unknown creative(s) who made that, your work has been noticed!

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