Hornbach - Cow - (2010) :30

I'll admit it, I like the crazy that these guys have. It's a turn-on. By jolly, if you're gonna start a building project you have to finish it. Even if you have to get a little creative along the way. Besides, I hear steak is the ultimate dinner-treat after a good build. Men (and you ladies who like to get their hands dirty with home improvement), do you have it in you? Hornbach is calling. There's always something to build.

Client: Hornbach
Agency: Heimat, Berlin
Production Company: Stink, Berlin
Director: Martin Krejci
Jan Dressler (Executive Producer)
Stepan Kucera (DoP)
Tom Sparks, nhb studios, Berlin (Post production)
Guido Notari @ Damaso Queirazza, Mailand (Editor)
Line Producer: Eva Pèrez
Telecine: Seamus O'Kane @ The Mill, London
Sound Design: Viktor Ekrt @ SOUNDSQUARE, Prag

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