House of Radon wants to do Something For Syria


We are all born under the same sky. Unfortunately in Syria the sky is blood red.

Swedish agency House of Radon feels like the rest of us: shocked by the continued tragedy, and dismayed from the hopelessness of it all.

But of out the hopelessness came something beautiful: Something For Syria. All the proceeds from purchasing one of 250 limited edition posters created by art director Albin Holmqvist will go to Doctors Without Borders.

I love the concept of high-flying birds like flying bombers coming to the aid of a badly torn country, with an olive branch in their beaks.

The minimum donation for the poster is €45, with max being €500. Hurry up and get yours before they're gone. Let's see if we can't in some small way, do Something for Syria.

Really nice stuff, guys.

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