HP corners the cookie-cutter design markets, rolls out TV ads for Logoworks.


HP corners the cookie-cutter design markets, rolls out TV ads for Logoworks.


There were many who weren't pleased when Paula Scher will design your letterhead for free via HP. (as we we noted here) as it cheapens the design industry. But HP has a plan, it seems. They want to corner the market of cookie-cutter design, which is probably why they bought the rip-off artists LogoWorks for umpteenmillion dollars (sum not verified).

“Today’s small businesses are increasingly turning to the web for marketing tools and services that strike a balance between affordability and quality,” said Vyomesh Joshi, executive vice president, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “By adding LogoWorks’ web-based graphic design service to our portfolio, HP can now provide the right mix of cost savings, flexibility and professional quality to help make a small business look big.”

Yeah, LogoWorks should know a thing or two about cost saving, as they were previously Badlanded here for basically tracing the majority of the logos they sold - that sort of thing tends to tick designers off even more. Steve Douglas said here at Katzidesign.com "Imagine how honored I feel - a logo that my company developed for our clients being sold as a template logo by LogoWorks for $99."
It gets better - or worse - HP are currently airing a 60 sec commercial touting the greatness that is their logoworks. I'm not sure if a copy of a world famous logo makes my small business look big, or if just makes it look like I got big brass balls. Is that a good thing? Does HP really want to go there?

Back in 2006 Logoworks saw their local billboard defaced by a vandal who was armed with the perfect blue matching paint who changed the headline from "Your logo stinks" to "Your log stinks".

The ad was not easy to vandalize, according to Logoworks. It is located in a secured parking lot with 24 hour security and surveillance (see the security camera on the lower right side?). The vandals also had to climb a 30-foot ladder while holding paint and another ladder so they could reach the lettering, which is about 10 or so feet further up. And they had to do all this at night, because they billboard sits right next to SLC’s main freeway. These were some determined pranksters. You can see from the photos the paint even matches.

Sounds easy enough to me, who reckons Logoworks vandalized it themselves to get a little more attention.

For more on the logoworks rip-off scandals back then you can follow the links at Katzidesign.com who kept track of most of the postings.

The TV commercial for Logoworks

A short visual reminder of what all that hubub was about (if the Xerox thing didn't do it for you).


I suppose on the upside, when people sue them now, they'll be looking to get a larger chunk of victory cash with someone like HP funding the site.

I'm sure they'll remedy that by making it company policy to only rip-off logo's that have been created in countries where there is no victory cash at the end of the suit. Or better yet, places like the Netherlands where each party pays the court costs regardless who wins. And only nick designs from the small businesses they are pretending to help with this scheme. That way, nobody will afford to sue.

Or they can just use the scam that so many unscrupulous people use on Craig's List of inviting young designers to submit their books for a fictitious gig, just to rip off their work.  That way, there won't be any lawsuits unless the victims see their designs out there which is very unlikely.  No legal action = no punitive damages.

One correction.

"Katz Design said' should be 'Steve Douglas said'

Oops, thanks I'll fix that in the article. Read too fast I guess.

The really odd thing for me was when a marketing rep from HP contacted me and wanted to do a link exchange on the LW site. Huh?

Jeff Fisher
Engineer of Creative Identity
Jeff Fisher LogoMotives

That's just fucked up.

Get away? Link exchange? What kind of crap SEO book have they been reading?

Speaking of linkings, this post should be linked with the word Logoworks so that people may find this story. There's no mention of this scandal in the top ten search results anymore as all the older blogpostings about it have been pushed down. Since this is fresh it can reach the top ten on google fairly easily. So all you adgrunts who have blogs and disagree with what Logoworks and HP are doing to our business here, make sure random Joe google user finds out by linking this post Logoworks

Have you seen the wikipedia? It reads as if Logoworks themselves wrote it, logoworks wiki for example: In 2005, the company came under criticism for posting two apparently plagiarized logos on their site.. TWO? As I recall you couldn't find a page without a plagiarized logo on their site, what you are showing here are just a few. Fight back by adding facts to the wiki.

They probably did write it.  Anyone can write anything on Wikipedia.  It's probably as bogus as the origins of Joe Camel on wiki.  The Internet continues to be the greatest source of misinformation in world history.

I'm so tired of correcting ad trivia on the wiki you wouldn't believe.

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