HP Helps You With Your Body Image

HP's new digital cameras have a "slimming" feature that allows you to make someone look thinner. Via 3 Quarks and Feministing, where you can find more slimming shots. It's just the thing to make your teenage daughter commit to that eating disorder... and in time for Christmas!

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Ok, rating confusion here. SHould I rate it five because article is funny, or one because product is just plain sad?

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I rated the product...not the article

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I wonder if you can get one with a "fatting" feature.

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Sad or not, no-one ever lost money betting on peoples' insecurity, especially the more vulnerable members of our society. It's a pathetic statement about the HP brand though, what will they stoop to next?

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And of course the two models they use in the example don't even need the use of a slimming feature. Sheesh.