Husbands and wives battle for your product


Seems that the "husband/wife competing for your product" concept has been done and done and done yet again. We found three, but there are sure to be even more of these out there. SuperAdgrunts, check out the similarities in these spots for Toyota Rav4, Mercury, and Kohler.

Toyota Rav4 - Happy Together (2006) (New Zealand)

Mercury - Mornings (2004) (USA)

Kohler- Strip Race (2004) (USA)

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  • jakethemus's picture

    Please tell me you're joking. these spots are in now way similar.

    Mar 20, 2006
  • gib_l's picture

    What do you mean, they're "in no way similar" jake? It's obviously the same concept, and probably copies of the one that came out first.

    Mar 26, 2006

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