HYPE Energy - Kim Kardashian West / 1700s - (2015) 2:30 (USA)

Overheard in the marketing department: -"We need celebrity. Reality TV type celebrity. Can we get Kim?" -"Yeah, we can but how do we explain that Hype energy is an energy drink?" -"I dunno, show her relaxing, then drinking and then she's all hyped up, how hard can that be?" -"Should be easy, I know a stylist we can pay in Hype energy drink, they'll sort out the perfect clothes for showing relaxing versus hyped" -"If it's the same guy you got last time, tell him not to snort it."

Nobody can figure out what this means, but hey Kim's cleavage in her best Marie Antoinette getup.

Client: Hype energy

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I keep seeing people describe her period dress as "Victorian times". SMDH.