Hyundai Sonata & Subaru advert, Badland targets


Hyundai Sonata & Subaru advert, Badland targets


Adgrunt nubetre tips us to this pair of Badland commercials where cars only use two tires at a time. nubetre reckons:

Maybe it's just to me, but I see a distinct similarity in premise, if not message. Also, note Subaru's "Professional Drivers, Do not attempt" disclaimer.
Yep, there is a distinct similarity alright - don't you think?

Hyundai the half car summer 2004

Subaru the skirting mobile
this spring. Hmmmm......

I suggested to nubetre that they should write the Badlander as I'm having trouble getting all frothy at the mouth these days - too dang happy - but hey, maybe you can get all angry, use the post comment button to share your two cents on what you think about this pair.

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