Identity Crisis

For about the last year or so, if you live in the States and have cable, you've probably seen the occasional commercial for LifeLock, a company that offers ID theft protection. In a brazen bit of showmanship and trust, their CEO had his actual social security number printed on the side of a mobile billboard (aka "truck") and driven around to prove how good their services are. Along with their million dollar guarantee, I bet you just can't wait to start punching in their toll-free number and handing over your s.s. and c.c. numbers, eh?

Well, according to the Charleston Gazette, you might want to reconsider making that phone call.

Bonus: Superadgrunts, view one of the ads here.

But according to a new class-action lawsuit filed last week in Jackson County, LifeLock's identity theft protection services were so inept that Davis' personal information was stolen repeatedly.

"While LifeLock has only publicly acknowledged that Davis' identity was compromised on one occasion, there are more than 20 driver's licenses that have been fraudulently obtained ," the suit states.

"Furthermore, a simple background check performed using Davis' Social Security number reveals that his entire personal profile has been compromised to the extent that the birth date associated with his Social Security number is Nov. 2, 1940, which would make Davis 67 years old."