If babies sells stuff, crying babies must sell twice as much.


Remember the hubub caused by Jill Greenberg's photographs of crying children? No? Here I'll refresh your memory of what was being said last summer about the "End Times" exhibit - Jill Greenberg is a Sick Woman Who Should Be Arrested and Charged With Child Abuse, and Jill's response. You can view the End Times at Jill Greenberg :: The Manipulator website.

Now pop inside to see some ads that might have been inspired by the End Times. Or they just like crying children.

To the left a campaign from Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai shilling "Freshly made angel hair", created by art director Ng Fan and photographer Connie Hong.

To the right a poster campaign for low-priced supermarket Netto with the motto "always close, never expensive" and a headline suggesting that you should shop less stuff more often, currently running in Sweden. AD agency: Morkman, Ola Mork Art Director, Mia Löfgren copywriter.

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  • bella's picture

    Those Jill Greenberg photos are horrible, but the ads are nice.

    Jul 29, 2007

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