Ikea dresses up bus stops. Again.


Curbed have admired some Ikea couch-clad bus stops, the idea sprung from Deutsch/N.Y. and iDeutsch. However, it is far from the first time Ikea went out and funished a city in general and bus stops in particular to make a point.

As all old Badland readers know, there ain't nothing new under the sun. Forsman&Bodenfors have been decorating bus stops for their client Ikea since at least 1999. See adforum examples Red Chair, Blue tools. I'm afraid that I only have images of last years dress-up sunt which was for Ikea textiles, and they dressed up a whole tram!

I'm sure someone else here will recall some dressed up bus stops in London back in 1996 or something now.. I do have some foggy memory of beach chairs and the word "relax"... But the funny here lies in the fact that both bus stops are Ikea ads. :)

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    You're right that Ikea dressed up bus stops in the 90's, so New York agency Deutsch are lagging behind. Also this reminds me of that Absolut poster "absolut new york" which fit a whole apartment on a poster. Found image here

    Old, old idea.

    Jun 10, 2006

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