Imgembed: fights online piracy with easy and awesome image search


Hailing itself the new standard for fair online use, Imgembed is a bright beacon in a sea of content theft. The site which is in Beta, hopes to table the content theft argument by making a site that is both fair, and easy to use.

You search for your image, find one, copy and paste it to your blog or wherever, and the attribution automagically appears. This you can feel safe and secure and honest in knowing you haven't violated any rights. Plus they're free to use for a whole bunch of impressions. And let's face it. Your samey blog of fashionista photos and Liz Lemon gifs aren't generating that much traffic.

But if you're a business, or narcissistic enough to believe so, you can also pay for more impressions.
Even better, photographers can upload their own stuff, set a fee based on impressions.

According to Design Taxi, Imgembed hopes to

The service hopes to persuade bloggers to stop ‘stealing’ images from the World Wide Web and instead use it as an ethical alternative for free images.

Really, Design Taxi? You're put the word 'stealing' in quotes? Do we have to spank you?

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