The implications of Facebook Graph search

Here's some news that will make you want to close your facebook account (if they didn't make that so impossible) and never go back. Actual facebook graph searches is a tumblr (yeah we're having a four for one deal today, wait for the next post) that collects graph searches that may not be so fun to show up in. First the obvious: "Single women who live nearby and who are interested in men and like Getting Drunk" to the wicked "People who like Focus on the Family and Neil Patrick Harris " then on to the downright nefarious "Islamic men interested in men who live in Tehran, Iran & Places where they’ve worked.".

Sure facebook is harmless. It doesn't matter if you like kittens, klorofyll and with the click of a thumbs up, that'll never haunt you. Every like you've given, every event you've listed, every link you clicked via an app is now available in large graph chunks to all. When facebook introduced graph search pretty much everyone thought of how they'd use it (hint: inappropriately). As Jim Edwards at Businessinsider so astutely points out Facebooks graph search is really just a way to rescue the like, and that is also why it's so much fun to search for opposing likes. People are never consistent.

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