Indeed - Bike Technician - (2016) :30 (USA)

You've seen the unexpected guitar solo from the happy music teacher, but how will a bike technician celebrate. Oh, he'll celebrate one two wheels, sometimes just one, silly. Indeed is focusing on celebrating good jobs and the bright, talented people out there looking for them, instead of the mundane dead end jobs they want to leave like most competitors do. See also the Physiologist do his thang, in the campaign “Celebrations”.

Client: Indeed
Title: Celebrations
Agency: Sleek Machine, Boston
Agency Website:
Chief Creative Officer: Tim Cawley
Senior Integrated Producer: Ben Ouellette
Senior Copywriter: Jeff Marois
Senior Art Director: Jessica Ruggieri
Music: Skyrmish (‘Bike Technician’ & ‘Physiologist’)
Talent: Lita Ford, Bo Wade, Marcus Dorsey
Director: David Tindale
Production Company: Big Nest Creative
Editor: Nick Agri

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