Instagram pulls twitter integration, need to puff their own site stats to 'monetize' and keep investors happy

A couple of weeks ago, Instagram showed everyone their new profile pages, where you, me and everyone else could now see peoples Instagram collections in one go. reportedly sulked by the phone all evening. Today Instagram pulls twitter integration. Why? Stats.

“Now that Facebook owns us we’re getting shit for not having a website we can use to pad our stats and monetize to keep investors from telling them to sell us off.”

Anyone surprised? I suspect that Instaport where you can download all your instagram images (before shutting the account) will be quite busy for the next few days. Oh, what's that you say? This news won't push you over the edge to "former instagram user"? I didn't think it would, but I suspect this Nickelback-spoof Instagram song will.

SING ALONG! Look at this coffee foam.....

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