Introducing Beardvertising (patent pending). Clip on billboards for your beard.


Introducing Beardvertising. Why not? We've had everything from headvertising to assvertising, thighvertising, dogvertising* to our homes painted in the name of advertising. The Beardboard (patent pending) clips on to your epic hipster beard, and makes you five bucks a day while you wear it. Advertise a frothy A&W Root Beer while drinking it, both with a beardbillboard and all that foam dribbling down the sides of your beard, ugh.

The brainchild of Cornett-IMS this beardbillboard sells the agency itself more than anything else, though they do claim they've had people express interest in wearing beardbillboards. Anything for a buck, man. Will a brand pay to be seen next to the remaining crumbs of lunch? In a world where urinal cake ad space finds the perfect client, I wouldn't be surprised if beards did too. The only downside is that helpful people will undoubtedly keep telling you that you have something stuck in your beard, all day.

Meanwhile, the press this gathers ("earned media", for the young ones), is the clever here. We've fallen for it countless times and bodyparts before. From permanent tattoos of now defunkt logos to Bodybillboardz, this PR trick is getting old but it still works.

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