Invite only, access for all adgrunts free weeks are now over.


Invite only, access for all adgrunts free weeks are now over.

Hey Adgrunts. We've had our fun these past few weeks with the signups being closed and new adgrunts could only join via invites, while all adgrunts had a blast watching all the ads in the commercial archive, I had a blast watching the sudden chains of adland buddies being formed.

As you might have figured, this little free-for-all-inside viewing party was thrown while momma fixed the upgrade module. Why? Because momma wanted to change it. And I have.

Regular adgrunts have already noticed that you now get brownie points for commenting and posting around here, as well as for inviting friends - and both you and buddy score even more points once they sign in. Here's the cute part, brownie points buys you super adgrunt upgrades. Yup, for every quip you quip you're getting closer to watching clips. (Did I just say it like that? I sound like a 69 boys wannabe.) Since you were commenting anyway, it's like you're getting paid for it now. ;)

True, you can still whip out your visa or mastercard and upgrade the old fashioned way, and we really thank you for it, since your donations go to Adland's bandwidth bills. And believe me, this site eats a lot of bandwidth - we keep hoping for a bigger pipe but they are tres expensive. Maybe santa will be nice to us and bring us a sponsor this year. ;)

Old adgrunts who have previously upgraded themselves to super adgrunts can check their account to see what's going on - just look under "my account" (link to the left in the menu ovar thare mates) - view your order history will lead you to a record of every completed, attempted or failed upgrade you ever made.

Past super adgrunts may notice a few more 'invoices' than they recall - that's me, giving you an upgrade or two on the house. You'll recognize them easy as they read "on the house" once you view them. I did this for a whole bunch of adgrunts that donated toward a year, adding extra years on top.

Pending payment - means that for some reason this item is still stuck in your shopping cart but you haven't gone so far as to try and pay yet. I'd delete those if I were you - and start over instead.

Cancelled payment - means exactly what it says on the tin. Somehow it didn't work out and the whole thing got cancelled. Like "pending" it's best you leave this one alone and just start over.

Completed - this is the receipt from one of your upgrades. Cool? Catch you laterz, I must go sleep

Update - silliest detail, I forgot to mention that when upgrading you get brownie points, whether you use your credit card or accumilated points. Scrounge up 300 points, like adlib did, and use it for an upgrade and you'll get 5 points back. ;P


Shouldn't it always be free?

I mean, free sties are supported by advertisements, and AdLand is simply an archive of advertisements, so why not?

ALso, how can you change the subject of the post?  Mine always show up as "new" but there's nowhere to type the subject in

The answer to the why not is that nobody pays us to archive these ads, so the cost of bandwidth then comes out of my own paycheck - like it did between 1999-2002 before it got plain silly costly. (and we "sold out" by locking the videos behind donation walls for members only.)

But like I said, if you (we) find a sponsor who's willing to front the costs so that you can watch free ads, I'm all for that too - just as long as I don't end up footing the bill again. ;) I would like nothing more than to open the archive to everybody - seriously. I just know full well that I can't afford it. I've talked to potential sponsors but it all turns out to be a waste of time in the end, so if you know anybody serious, I'd be willing to blind date.


I actually know someone who has PLENTY of money (runs well into nine figures). He is interested in several things (computers, science, cooking, racing, etc.), but I don't know if he'd be interested in supporting/sponsoring Adland.

I can contact him and see if he has any interest at all, if you want. (I don't know what his current schedule is - he pilots his own Gulfstream V - so no guarantees he'll be available to email/talk).


"Remember, no matter where you go... There you are." (Buckaroo Banzai).

P.S. All things considered, I don't know him well enough to just borrow $10,000 (or more - or any amount, really) from him for myself, but I have gotten him involved in helping a worthy cause or three, just by suggesting them to him - knowing several of his areas of interest. .

I like dinos. Emailing you.


I'll look for it tonight (probably 11:00 PM EST).

We'll see what we can do...

"Remember, no matter where you go... There you are." (Buckaroo Banzai).

Free is good. Commerce is better. First-time poster. Long-time listener (Lister?) Tongue out

I just upgraded for 300 brownie points! That's pretty cool. You've made all my time wasted here turn into... More time wasted here. Hey! Wait a second... 

Sneaky, aren't I?

Is there any way we could just get free brownies? cause that would be awesome.

Everyone likes brownies.

Thank you for the extra upgrade.

Can we still tip what we can just to help out with the bills every once in a while?

Of course, and all of Adland thanks you for it. :) I'm just trying to spread the lurve!

I wondered what those brownie points were good for, I just upgraded with mine. NICE! 

Me too. I only did it because I just saw Neo's comment. Peer pressure. It works.

Me three. Dabitch is loosing money on us old adgrunts. 

Ah, but that was the point. Age has nothing to do with it, it's a reward for your chattyness. We like chatty.

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