The Irish Defence Forces are in a unique situation. As ROTHCO account director Katie Oslizlok explains; "As a small neutral country, there's a lack of understanding amongst the Irish public as to what the defence forces do which has a knock on effect when it comes to recruitment. We were tasked with changing that perception, and in doing so, convince 5,000 18-24 year olds to apply for a career with the Defence Forces. We decided to use the recruitment campaign as a vehicle for shifting brand perceptions, and immerse young Irish men and women in the awesome reality of a career in the Defence Forces.”

Their vehicle in question comes in the form of a first-person shooter called A New Dawn. As part of a stunt that launched yesterday, March 10th, 2017. What began with teaser trailer and countdown on the A New Dawn microsite, soon gave way to the actual "real life" game. A sort of Choose Your Own Adventure where you are a soldier in a platoon and must make decisions that will have consequences.

Advertising or propaganda meets video games meets army recruitment has been done so often it even has a name: "militainment." The Irish Defences are not the first to step into video game land. Cose Combat: First to fight was devloped with input from the U.S. Marines. America's Army, developed by the U.S. Army, has a whole slew of games. Glorious Mission is the People's Liberation Army in China's version and even Hezbollah have a few video games, too.

Client Irish Defence Forces
Agency Producer Karina Cotter & Margaret Levingstone
Executive Creative Director Alan Kelly
Copywriter Frances O’Rourke
Creative Director Jonathon Cullen
Finished Art Gerry Cole
Account Director Katie Oslizlok
Account Manager Aoife O’Shea
Strategy Sarah Walsh
Connection Strategy Catherine Halford Shaw & Emer Fitzgerald
Digital Technical Director Daire Lennon
Digital Designer Stephen Flynn
2D Graphics Darach McHugh
Director Brian O’Malley
Producer Gary Moore, Red Rage
Post Production Picture Windmill Lane
Post Production Supervisor Sarah O’Carroll
Editor Philip Cullen
Sound Mutiny
Web Design & Development ROTHCO

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