It's Snow Fun


It's Snow Fun


There's nothing more fun that plopping down in the snow and making a snow angel, according to some. And apparently, both Volkswagen and Old Spice Red Zone agree. Granted, the VW ad was done in 1998 - 6 years before this Red Zone ad appeared.

Credits: Arnold Communications (a.k.a. Arnold Worldwide)
Ran: 1998 (won a Silver Hatch Award in "Newspapers over half page" category in 1999.
AD: Tim Vaccarino
CW: Shane Hutton

Credits: Saatchi & Saatchi
Found this in the December 2004 issue of Fitness Magazine.


I think comparing these two as similar concepts is a stretch.

That's like saying Land Rover made the same ad Suburu did just because
they both had hippos in them.

If anything, the outdoorsy romp should've made a snow devil.

hahaha.. I'll second that devil suggestion.

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