Jeffery West ad with gun banned


gunNaughty Jeffery West have been glamourising guns say the ASA - and have banned the advert featured on the right for depicting mob life as hip and being generally irresponsible. The vixen driving isn't even wearing a seatbelt fer cryin' out loud!

"We noted the gun merely lay on the car seat and was not used in a violent or threatening way and that GMC believed the image was clearly fictional and implied a gangster's moll. We considered, however, that the image was not clearly of a gangster's moll and was not clearly a fantasy scenario but implied a fashionable lifestyle. We considered the gun was not related to the product and appeared solely as a glamorous fashion accessory. We considered that, although it was not threatening, the image was likely to be seen to promote the lifestyle shown as desirable and to condone violence. We concluded that the ad, especially because it was delivered directly to people's houses, was likely to cause serious or widespread offence and, because it glamorised the use of guns, was irresponsible." said the ASA

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  • caffeinegoddess's picture

    She's probably also not wearing anything under that coat either! ;)

    Aug 03, 2006
  • TDD's picture

    The .45 isn't loaded.

    Aug 06, 2006

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