Johnny & Angus - Apathetic Interviews Episode 4: Dabitch


Johnny & Angus - Apathetic Interviews Episode 4: Dabitch

Just a note that Johnny and Angus decided to have a chat with moi in "Apathetic Interviews Episode 4: Dabitch", so I'll share some stories about escaping cops in Haitian shanty-towns and tips on how to keep your tables clean. This isn't about adland, but if you fancy, have a read.

What other sorts of stuff do you like and whatnot?
I like messing with data. Everything we do is tagged, logged, and saved somewhere these days. The electronic door key registers when we enter and leave. Our credit cards note when we travel. Our passports are scanned. Every website wants us to fess up on our gender (I am always "other"). I mess with the GPS on @adland every tweet, so I'm tweeting from Canada, when I'm actually in Sweden. I screw with electronic locking systems so it doesn't register me entering and leaving. I wear T-shirts like this when going through airport security:

In Sweden, we're registered from birth, and every bit of info about us, illnesses, vaccinations, if we had braces, what school we went to, where we lived, and if we lived out of the country,, is kept in large databases. It makes me laugh when I demand the printouts and find they have not one bit of data correct, except my date of birth. What's even funnier is that I have nine-hundred-thousand days of maternal leave to use. I'm pretty good at messing with data now.

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