Johnny Green Joins RESET


RESET, whose roster includes David Fincher, Guy Ritchie and Jonathan Glazer/Academy, is adding Director Johnny Green to a line-up that already consists of Markus Walter, Tim Miller, Andre Stringer, Nabil and PES.

Green joins RESET on the tailwinds of a cinematic spot for Hennessy starring Manny Pacquiao with Droga 5, a bullet of a spot with RKCR/Y&R that imagines a Range Rover as the streaking effusion of the Large Hadron Collider, and a lively :60 episodic adventure with Bacardi. His reel also includes spots for adidas, Audi, Mercedes, Royal Mail, Guinness, Nike and Honda. His occasional foray into the publishing world includes the intensely researched and filmed Nyemka’s Dream, an art film and book about a Mongolian wolf hunter-cum-ice-speedway rider.

About RESET:

Production entity RESET, founded in the summer of 2012 by Dave Morrison (co-founder of Anonymous Content), David Fincher (co-founder of Anonymous Content) – also including Guy Ritchie and Jonathan Glazer (Academy Films) – will collaborate with agencies and brands. Jeff McDougall is the Executive Producer.

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