Junior copywriter makes a recruiter bot.

Elizabeth Nieves is a former account executive and digital producer who is now turned aspiring copywriter. After a few weeks of talking with recruiters, nothing happened. So she decided to create a bot to answer all the questions for her. And thus HireEliBot was born. Neat idea. Except if you don't follow the Tinder-style prompts, it doesn't work all that well-- at least not yet. While the bot can answer "Where are you from," and send me the link to Elizabeth's portfolio when I asked if she had any experience, there were a lot of very obvious questions a recruiter would ask that EliBot simply didn't understand. I tried variations of all of the questions below and they all came up with does not computer responses.

What school did you go to?
What are your salary requirements?
Do you want to stay in Chicago?
Would you relocate?
How much do you currently make?
What are your favorite agencies?
Where would you like to work?
Do you want to work in a big or small agency?
How much experience do you have?
Do you have an art director?

I would have fed it a lot more answers to the most obvious questions first. Hopefully EliBot will learn fast. At least it will bring Eli some PR and attention from recruiters who want to help her land a great job. You really can't beat human interaction. Especially in a very competitive field. All I can say is keep trying. And if anyone is interested here portfolio is here.