Kanye West speaks about his collaboration with adidas


At this employee-only event, presumably in Herzogenaurach Germany, where Adidas is headquartered, Kanye West gave a performance, and spoke to the employee crowd about the upcoming designs he will "create" for the brand. Check out the video below. It's very lo-fi though but the audio's decent.

If you can't be arsed, here's the gist: Kanye says he's always wanted to create on multiple platforms, i.e. rapper, baby daddy, and fashion designer. He recounts the time he was kicked out of school in fourth grade for drawing shoes. he is quick to point out though that, listen, it's not about celebrity advertising. He acknowledges celebrity advertising is something people roll their eyes when they see it, but his background is in art. He likes the art. He's not just putting his name on someone else's designs.

And Kanye's actually self-deprecating in the video, so Adland gives him props for being human instead of staying on his narcissistic brand for once.

"If you are creative, that is your oxygen, if you are creative oxygen is your food." So creativity is Kanye's oxygen and he doesn't care how crazy he looks to people. This should surprise exactly no one. But at least it's inspiring.

He ended the video by saying we'd see the new collection in June. As soon as High Snobiety were done toweling themselves off, they got some qualification from internal adi-sources saying that June is the month adidas will see some designs from Kanye and company. The real product won't get made until after (duh) and won't drop on the sneaker freakers until 2015.

Knowing the brands as I do, Kanye always seemed like a better fit for Nike than adidas. So I always thought it strange when he dropped the swoosh for the three stripes. Nike is so me-centric, it felt like a better fit. Whereas everything adidas does is about We. I would be shocked, shocked! if it were about money.

Either way, I hope it's a better success than when he tried to start his own fashion label. Give him a chance to put some Kanye crazy into the footwear place. It can't be any worse than the crapola Jeremy Scott is known for doing.

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