Keep it together: Keith Turner's productivity app

Advertising agencies try so hard to be badass it's funny. Believe it or not, one agency used to call its creative groups "fox holes."

Another calls the act of working endless hours for a fool's errand "falling on a hand grenade."

And of course in every agency I've ever worked, the designated pitch room is called the "war room."

That last one is the best because the amount of paper generated on the floor from killed concepts actually makes sense in terms of war vocabulary. The problem with this scenario is the logistics of keeping track of what's moving forward and what isn't. What bucket has been siloed (or is it a silo that has been bucketed?) What has changed, and what goes where, based on the whim of some cave man CCO who flies in at the last minute and drops some dumb bombs of his own. It's a pain in the patootie and we all know it. Never mind the lunkheads in strategy.

Thankfully one art director named Keith Turner and a few enterprising peeps have decided to help us. Keith has a Kickstarter initiative to raise the funds necessary to complete his productivity app called Keep It Together.

Are we *really* connected enough to use an tablet app? Maybe. My previous agency, not so much, but at my current agency you can't swing a cat without hitting a schmuck with an iPad. So the answer is most likely yes. Will it replace the tried and true secretive chaotic post-it note swamped war room?
I don't know.

What I do know is I look at the Lost Horizon-esque interface of grouping and I like it. Not sure if I'm the type to go completely tablet storage and nix the post it notes but dammit, the pagoda-in-the-mountains look id something I really dig. I'd be happy to meditate in one of those rooms if nothing else.

Anywho, Turner and company need some cash to keep going. Watch the video below and visit their kickstarter and help 'em out, ok? You might be helping the rest of us out, n terms of storage and arranging information. But if nothing else, at least we can ditch the stupid war vocabulary. Remember kids, as much as we tell each other we're storming Normandy, we're selling shit for a living.

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