Åkestam Holst's new ad for ATG shot in Madrid by Mattias Montero

Mattias Montero from Social Club was both the director and DP on the new ATG commercial called "Statues", which was shot in Madrid and Stockholm during two weeks this past November. There's a website to go with this film at Levandespel.se.
In the ad, statues of horses come alive at the break of dawn.
ATG - Statues (directors cut) - (2008) :45 (Sweden)

Here's a behind the scenes peek at the shoot (sorry, we only have the youtube.) The robotic horse glimpsed at 0:45 makes me simultaneously drool and shiver. After viewing this, I'm most impressed by the horses and their trainers to be honest (and the robotics team, guys, I'm your number one fan!)

Previous commercials in the ATG campaign so far:
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