KFC Romania launches its first mobile campaign

"Bite To Win," is KFC Romania's first large scale digital application. It also sounds incredibly pervy.

They wanted to play off the notion that KFC's new fillet bites are made from scratch and therefore not uniformly perfect looking. Each shape would be different. So the mobile initiative uses shape recognition technology to see if your bites look like any of the 50 suggested shapes. If you collect enough shapes you start winning prizes.

They personally lost me at "download the app," but I still think the idea is quite fun, especially because some of the shapes in the recognition software include an elephant and Elvis.

Client: KFC Romania:
Monica Eftimie – Chief Marketing Officer
Cristina Porumbel – Junior Brand Manager
Gabriel Nenciu – Junior Brand Manager
Agencies: MRM Romania and McCann Bucharest
GM MRM Romania: Nir Refuah
Creative Partner McCann Bucharest: Adrian Botan
Executive Creative Director: Alexandru Dumitrescu
Client Service Director MRM Romania: Ionela Buta
Art Director MRM Romania: Laurentiu Stere
Copywriter MRM Romania: Maria Năzdrăvan
Senior Account Manager MRM Romania: Gina Zgubea
Account Manager MRM Romania: Iulia Popescu
Copywriter McCann Bucharest: Ioana Zamfir
Art Director McCann Bucharest: Alin Sîrbu
Group Account Manager: Gabriela Alexandrescu
Account Manager: Simona Geaca.

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