Lean Mean Fighting Machine Pledges One in Sixty for Unilever

One of Unilever's founding principles is "Doing well by doing good." Inspired by that slogan, London-based Lean Mean Fighting Machine decided to strengthen its relationship with Unilever by pledging One in Sixty.

For every minute Lean Mean Fighting Machine works on Unilever, they will donate a minute of their time to helping the charity Kids Company- a charity that provides educational, practical and emotion support to London's inner city youth.

So Kids Company gets a boost, and Unilever looks at Lean Mean Fighting Machine as being aligned with their principles and presumably feels more inclined to give them more business. Let's hope it's a win win for both.

Because it could easily be seen as Lean Mean Fighting Machine is shaking down Unilever for more business. "You don't want the London youths to go uneducated, do you? " And I might add, business that will then go to pay for their time to work on pro-bono clients like Kids Company.

By the way, kids, nearly all agencies use their paying clients to provide recourses to work on pro-bono clients. But until now, it was assumed we did not discuss that technique in public. It's like pro-wrestling.

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