Levi's - Slinky - (2008) 1:35 (USA)

New Levis viral from CUTWATER.
Shot in Los Angeles by Jake Schrier and Steve Mottershead. DP: Aaron Wesner

Production company: Park Pictures
Visual effects: Woolgathering
ECD: Chuck McBride
Creative Director: Marty Senn
Copywriter: Jake Schrier
Account/Exec producer: Jennifer Golub
Assistant producer: Bill Spangler

Talent: Ben Dickinson, Jake Schrier, Anna Trapaga, Dave Smith (Driver), Joe Thomas (Driver).

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I want to know how they made the jeans do that.

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Uhm, metal balls.. Uhm.. String..? Uhm.... I have no idea actually.

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There's probably 4 or 5 ways to do it, ranging from CGI (i.e. no real jeans were rolling down the street), to some mechanicals - like a semi-rigid framework in the jeans, with an invisible nylon cord, that has a sliding mechanism (when it gets to the bottom, it slides to the top, and repeats) - you pull on it, and the back end raises up, and then, when the back end becomes the front end, the cord shifts to the back, and you repeat the motion. Also, it could be a cylinder, that the jeans are in, and it is hidden by CGI in post.

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That flip-flop movement looks to me like they're being pulled by strings top and bottom. As Allan says, it's easy enough to erase the "dirty work" nowadays.