Linda McCartney Foods reminds us to Love Linda.

For the first time in 15 years Linda McCartney Foods has released an ad. It is beautifully psychedelic but not in a retro way. Hand drawn and 2D water color. It features Paul McCartney's "Heart Of The Country" from his excellent 1971 album Ram, with narration by Elvis Costello.

While the ad is pretty straightforward, it's a very sweet reminder of what Linda stood for, and is a testament to the woman as much as the brand.

Paul McCartney discussed the campaign as well.

Quoth Sir Paul:

Linda would also have loved the woodland setting and creative detail of the animation, which I think is just beautiful. It's got a classic, timeless feel, which is hopefully reflected by the new recording I did of my song Heart of the Country. The countryside is at the heart of this project, so it felt like the right fit. We were also lucky enough to get Elvis Costello to do the voiceover. He is an old family friend and someone who knew Linda well.
The ad will air from 28 January and will be on TV through February and March. Myself and the whole family are all really proud of it, and we think Linda would be too. Linda's values and ethos from 40 years ago are finally being adopted by many people. We are committed to supporting her vision and ensuring that we play a central role in shaping a healthy future for vegetarianism and meat-free living.

Client: Linda McCartney Foods
Agency: Hain Daniels Group
Writer/Creative Director: Simon Aboud
Music: “Heart of the Country” written + performed by Paul McCartney
Voice Over: Elvis Costello
Production Company: Passion Pictures NYC/ Strange Beast NYC
Director: Jordan Bruner
Creative Director Pete Candeland
Producer: Angela Foster
Exec Producer: Belinda Blacklock
Lead Designer: Kim Dulaney
Additional Designers: Jordan Bruner, Stephanie Davidson, Cat Johnston, Erin Althea, Stephanie Davidson, Gordon Waltho
Animation: Jordan Bruner, Lizzie Akana, Blake Patrick, Greg Lytle, Dennis Moran, Chris Cookson, Leah Shore
Lead Compositor/Editor: Lee Gingold
Compositor: Eric Epstein
CG Product Artist: Ed Manning
Final Grade: Absolute Post

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