A+ logo duplication


A+ logo duplication

What do a Romanian pharmaceutical company and a private luxury jet arm of United Airlines have in common? Their logo. Dada dada tips us off to these logo twins. The Avolar logo (on the right) was created in 2001 by Landor while Antibiotice's logo (on the left) was created in 2005 by Grapefruit. My guess is that this is not an instance of stealing, but more along the lines of brainsync just due to the numbers of "A+" logos out there, not to mention that probably 80% of those come from companies with names like "A+ Window Cleaning", etc.



The identity, a clean modern A+, was designed to represent Avolar’s commitment to uphold a new standard—both within this industry and beyond.



The logo's look nothing like each other.

The NAME "a+" on the other hand, is almost identical, if it weren't for that pesky cap/lower case difference.

Nice try but no Badlander cigar.

Isn't it a rapartist called A+ too?

You took the words out of my mouth,

yeah, this is a really lame example.

for something as ridiculously cliche as A+, there are no intentional rip offs; only lazy uncreative business owners who think they're being smart by having A+ in their name.

I look inside and I see a lot of similar ads but... is all "Different fonts, colors, kerning. Not the same ... at all " in video.. different actor, light, execution... but the same concept. In all case... I don't understand the rest of comentary.. of apple vs intel, cesar vs shaggy dog, and so one...

it is a good bisness to search in logo graveyard and serach a good logo to use (only a little tunning) and voila...

it is a etical queistion and here a fine line is drawn between inspiration and something else

The difference is that A+ isn't even close to being a concept.

... it is very hard (nowadays) to create something new, fresh and original... this logo is a good example for what we designers call 'recycling'... you take existing parts of someting old, and create something new... I like this Romanian logo more than other ones... :)

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