Lowe Australia caught plagarising quantum mechanics lecture, donates money to kids science

Two months ago, Scott Aaronson discovered that an Australian Ricoh advert from Lowe had taken it's dialog straight from his quantum mechanics lecture.

Ricoh Printers - Smart Models - (2007) :30 (Australia)

Now Scott and Lowe have reached a settlement, to make good for their boo-boo, Lowe Australia are now donating $2,000 of the settlement to BrisScience and $3,000 to the Physics Demo Troupe. Why BrisScience? Because nerds are really funny people, and Scott liked the name:

I immediately asked her to repeat the name.

“BrisScience,” she said.

“Spell it?” I asked.

“B-r-i-s-Science. Why, is there something funny about the name?”

“No, no, it shouldn’t be a big deal in Australia.”

(note to non-Aussies and non-Americans and non-whatevers.... Bris in Oz would be pronounced as if it had a Z in it,so it's not as funny to them as it is to an American who'll immediately think Bris as in בְּרִית מִילָה as in circumcision of really young baby boys. Swedish speakers may find another layer of funny in that as the group 'childrens rights' in Sweden is called Barnens Rätt i Samhället - ie BRIS. But then again, I might be overthinking the whole thing and thus ruining the funny like I always do.)

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